Education@Home: Mom’s Birthday

Education@Home: Mom’s Birthday


What could be more heartwarming than your children making you hand made birthday gifts and planning a great day for you? As I turned a year older, my greatest joy was to see how my kids worked together to plan a fantastic birthday for me. 

Imagine getting up from bed and not having to go to the kitchen to get breakfast ready! Yes, the day started with breakfast in bed. My daughter made me pancakes with cream guava jam and sausages. 

As I came to the dining room, I saw how the dining table was decorated with all the beautiful cards my kids made – some with unique design ideas, others with broken letters including one from the 10-month old baby. But together, they were a beautiful expression of their love for me

My oldest son Reuven made me something called an artist’s box. A box filled with ideas for drawing or painting for an art lover! How unique!

The evening had more in store with a delicious spread made by my husband and kids. The highlight was a blueberry cheesecake which my daughter made.

Our children need an education for life. How important it is for children to experience the joy of giving. Charity begins at home! My children  indeed experienced that joy by using their ideas, time, energy and resources to make their mother happy!!

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