Erin Entrada Kelly’s Hello, Universe

Erin Entrada Kelly’s <i>Hello, Universe</i>

Erin Entrada Kelly’s book “Hello, Universe” is a captivating book for young adults based on one day in the lives of four children, practically strangers to each other, who come together in one big adventure. The author takes time to give the reader a look into each character’s unique personality, joys and struggles in different chapters of the book during the story as well.

The story revolves mainly around eleven- year old Virgil Salinas who is a small, introverted boy looking for recognition and friendship in the big, wide world around him. At school, the ultimate bully of all time, Chet Bullens often picks on the helpless Virgil. They hate each other. One day Chet pulls off a horrible trick on Virgil, leaving him all alone. In the meantime, the story goes on to introduce two other characters – Kaori Tanaka, Virgil’s good friend, and Valencia Somerset, a headstrong smart girl at school who Virgil has a crush on. As the story progresses, Virgil, Chet, Kaori and Valencia are joined together in an enthralling mystery set out for them to solve.

“Hello Universe” is written beautifully with simple yet engaging language, a wonderful read for young adults. It is amazing how the author is able to narrate the story about these four kids so descriptively and set the whole adventure in just one day. However, the book can make it difficult for the audience to comprehend some aspects of the characters’ personality and lives and it takes time for the story to make complete sense to the reader, for everything to come together.

In conclusion, “Hello Universe” is an entertaining book which tells a story beautifully wrapped around a special day in the lives of four youngsters. It possess the amazing capability to captivate readers of many different ages and would definitely be recommended as a great read for young adults.

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