He Stood Out from the Rest: Wonder

He Stood Out from the Rest: <b>Wonder</b>

R.J. Palacio’s unique and inspirational book “Wonder” is a beautifully written children’s novel which tells the story of 10 – year old Auggie Pullman as he struggles to fit in with the rest of the world around him, hindered by his biggest obstacle – his appearance.

August Pullman, aka “Auggie” had always been homeschooled, and not without reason too. A defective gene that he carried had wrecked havoc in his body, especially on his face. His strangely distorted features eventually led to the need for multiple surgeries, making it difficult to ever lead a normal life as a kid, and school was out of the question. Taught by his parents as he was at home, Auggie had very little contact with the outside world. But by the time he was 10, twenty – seven surgeries had completed his horrific streak. He was no longer in need of hospitalization and messed- up schedules around the clock. He was ready- ready for school.

The rest of the story goes on to describe Auggie’s first year at school, new friends, unwanted foes, and halloween (his favourite festival). Although the main character is unquestionably August, the book also looks at the story from different people’s point of view, like Auggie’s sister Olivia, and his friends Summer and Jack. Each character in the book has a different story to tell, but eventually they all lead up to August’s mystery – and where their stories meet, the mystery is solved. Where the mystery is solved, the story ends.

“Wonder” will transport you to another world, and it is the perfect book for every tween or young adult looking for an easy and compelling read.

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