Classes and Workshops


Ever felt like painting or drawing, but felt severly handicapped? It is a terrible feeling isn’t it? Anybody can learn art. And with practice you can make good paintings. And a little training helps. Mili is one of our art teachers. Mili Skaria is a mother of two boys with keen interest in visual art and art for therapy. She is passionate about creative based learning for both children and adults. She holds a degree in Fine Arts from College of Fine Arts in Trivandrum and a diploma in creative art therapies from the Studio for Movement Arts and Therapies, Bangalore. She has been working with kids for the last 10 years in the field of art and education.

Mili Skaria

We also have a teacher for younger kids. Tanishka is a student of visual arts at Chitrakala Parishath and an aspiring artist. She is very good with children and has been taking art classes for kids in her free time. She will engage younger kids in art. She has an imaginative concept for everything. She sees kids as inflating balloons with bits of glitter and toffee hidden inside them. It’s only a matter of time before their talents burst open, bringing a new wave of joy and excitement into this world! She loves being creative and is enthusiastic about new ideas, causing her to work and challenge herself everyday. Her artworks and paintings are the result of her thoughts, and experiences.


Wind Instruments

The sweetest sound or the most majestic sound, wind instruments have it all. Yes, we are talking about the flute, trumpet, clarinet and the saxophone, just to name a few. Our teacher is Sub/Major S. Ravinder. He is a clarinet performer in the Bangalore School of Music Chamber Orchestra, where he also teaches. He also teaches in several schools around Bangalore. He served as band master and musician in the Indian Army from 1978 to 2006 and has travelled extensively to many countries in Asia and Europe during this time. He also received multiple commendations from the Chief of Army Staff during this period. His goal is not just to teach music, but to develop sensitivity, discipline and endurance in children through music.

S. Ravinder


French is one of the most beautiful languages ever. Our French teacher is Anna Koshy. Anna did her Diplome and DEFL B2 in French from Alliance Francaise. She has been teaching French for many years at school and college levels. Currently she is working on preparing French textbooks for CBSC syllabus.

Anna Koshy

Math Enrichment

Einstein said that pure mathematics is in its way the poetry of logical ideas. Somehow, the beauty of mathematics is often lost in the way it is taught to children. We hope to change some of that through our Math Enrichment classes. Our teacher is Reena Sikhamani. Reena is an eclectic homeschooling mom of three. She graduated in Mathematics and did her Masters in English literature. In teaching Math at home, she has explored alternate means of explaining concepts, to make learning more fun and interactive. She is also keen on integrating craft and games with learning.

Reena Sikhamani


Hindi is our national language. Yet many children struggle with the language. We hope to help such children through our classes. Our teacher in Hindi is Neetu. Neetu is a B.Ed graduate who loves teaching children. Hindi and Sanskrit are her main subjects. She has been teaching Hindi to children for the past 8 years. Through her classes she plans to enable children to speak as well as comprehend the language. She has also been taking personal tuitions for children for the last 4 years

Needlework and Embroidery

Needlework and Embroidery help children create beautiful patterns with needle and thread. The possibilities to give expression to their creativity are endless when children learn this art. Neetu will be teaching needlework and embroidery. For the past several years Neetu has been pursuing her talents in this field. She has done a course in embroidery and makes her own handicraft products. She has also been teaching children this art at homes.