Coming soon in June 2018

A makerspace? What’s that?

“Don’t be bored, make something”. That’s what the business card of a young maker read. The maker culture is gaining traction the world over. And makerspaces are facilitating this culture. There are a number of definitions for a makerspace. One definition which I like is (quote by Ann Smart), “A space with materials for students to let their curiosity and imagination come to life. An informal, playful, atmosphere for learning to unfold. A space where making, rather than consuming is the focus. A space where trans-disciplinary learning, inquiry, risk-taking, thinking, crafting, tinkering, and wondering can blossom”. If you want to see the many different definitions, check this link:

Why do children need makerspaces?

A makerspace builds critical 21st century skills in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths). The government of India has identified this as an important skill as well and has rolled out the ‘Atal Tinkering Labs’ initiative. The old system of education by mugging up a bunch of formulae is passĂ©. What’s in is learning by exploring, making and creating. In the process, makers not only solve problems, but build essential soft skills such as learning to deal with uncertainties, frustrations and failures, being patient to see a project through to the end, working together as a team and so on.

What does the makerspace in Elfwood provide?

A few makerspaces have started in India in the last couple of years, most of which have focused on encouraging the maker culture among adults. We think that it is important that there are spaces for children where they can come together, make stuff, explore and learn. Our mission is to be a catalyst in nurturing the next generation of inventors by providing children a platform where they can give expression to their creativity. This means not only providing the space, raw materials and equipments, but also access to mentors and professionals to help them in their pursuit. To this end, we are collaborating with a group of professionals from varied fields with a combined experience of 75+ years, who have been making stuff whether virtual or real for a number of years. These are artists, designers, computer, electronics and mechanical engineers, many of them leading next generation initiatives in their respective fields. We believe that this interaction of young, creative minds of children and the experienced hands of professionals in a space with the right resources is the ideal environment for invention and creation. Here you can construct models with Lego, K’Nex, Engino or just cardboard, make all the arty stuff you want to, prototype cool electronic inventions with LittleBits, program robots, make a video game with Scratch(and not just play them!); your imagination is the limit. We hope to keep expanding the makerspace with more resources like 3D printers so there is even more fun stuff to do. Welcome to Elfwood Makerspace, exclusively for kids!