The Many Adventures of Alfie

The Many Adventures of Alfie

Written and illustrated by Shirley Hughes, the “Alfie” books are a beautifully written collection of short stories for children, accompanied by the loveliest illustrations that paint a picture for every adventure.

The wonderful world of Alfie is always bustling with activity and fun that no one wants to miss out on! Alfie lives with his mother, father and little sister Annie Rose in a quaint little town in England. He has many friends but his best friend is Bernard and they often play make believe games together and have a knack for getting involved in the most remarkable adventures.

The author Shirley Hughes has written several books based on Alfie, and even a few collections which include his sister Annie Rose and his many friends. Each and every one of the books will keep the reader entertained with its simple yet heartwarming stories, where Alfie is always doing some great and interesting thing, like fighting bullies, spending time with Grandma, or lending a helping hand.

To sum it all up, this 40 year old treasury of narratives based on the one and only Alfie remains a classic to this day. Every child deserves a peek into Alfie’s world, where the book becomes a story that they can dive into and explore.So go grab an Alfie book and start reading!

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